Our Story

“It’s not the time we spend but how we spend the time that truly tells our story.”

-Tonya Hurley


Art Impact Project is a non-profit organization founded by Vickie Marasco of Lake Forest, IL. The original purpose was to use art programming to help adolescents struggling with emotional wellness issues and substance abuse recovery. The idea came from Vickie’s personal experience with her teenage son and other teens in recovery who found it difficult to express the deep emotions behind their struggles.

Since its inception in 2014, Art Impact Project has grown and expanded to include participants of all ages and backgrounds who are reached through our partnerships with schools, behavioral & mental health facilities, community support groups and other organizations. We train and use volunteer Art Advocates to facilitate our specially designed art programs in group settings.

With every new participant, partner and volunteer, we are adding new chapters to our story, as we continuously expand our vision and further our mission of enhancing emotional wellness through creative expression.

We’re so lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working board of directors!

(L to R) Johnna Deering, Lydia Backer, Pam Payton, Vickie Marasco, Colleen Chandler, Michele Gorski, David Motley