Make an Impact

“We can make it on our own, but together, we are unstoppable”


“To everyone who has volunteered for us, donated money or showed their support in other wonderful ways, thank you. We are able to impact lives through art because of YOU.”

— Vickie Marasco, Founder


It doesn’t take much to support Art Impact Project. . .

Simply following us on Facebook, or sharing an Instagram post, helps us build awareness and attract new supporters.

You can also support us financially. Donations of all sizes enable us to buy the paper, paint and other supplies that we need for our art programs, as well as help cover our organizational expenses so we can continue to grow and serve more in our community.

You can even become one of our Art Advocates, leading art sessions and seeing firsthand the power of creative expression to heal and help our participants deal with their emotional challenges. It is such rewarding work!

Any way you choose to help will definitely make an impact!

Donate time

Become an Art Advocate —
no art experience required!

Donate Money

Spread the word

You can promote Art Impact Project
in simple but impactful ways!

We’d like to thank our 2023 Benefit of Art Sponsors!