Just imagine what we can do

Art Impact Project is a non-profit organization founded by Vickie Marasco of Lake Forest, IL in 2014. The mission of Art Impact Project (AIP) is both simple and innovative: to enhance emotional wellness through creative expression. In essence, our programming is specifically curated for each population we serve to support mental health and promote overall wellness, and to encourage participants to discover healthy and effective coping skills. We partner with local organizations and institutions to bring our programming onsite to their clients/members and together, we are using art to impact lives.

Combining art making with safe, nonjudgmental emotional support facilitates creative expression, builds connection, and gives people powerful coping skills and a window through which they can communicate their needs when words alone are not enough. We offer over 100 specifically designed projects with clear objectives—such as increasing positive self-awareness, building confidence, and promoting empathy for others—developed by our creative team. Through our collaboration with site partners including schools, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and many more community service spaces, we enhance the supportive services clients receive with our unique model.

The beauty of Art Impact Project is how easily our art programming can be integrated into our partners’ programs. This flexibility allows us to work with many kinds of groups and organizations in lots of different ways.

Some of our partnerships — past, present and future — include:

  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • Sober living homes and recovery programs
  • Substance abuse recovery sites
  • Behavioral & mental health facilities
  • Community service organizations
  • Senior living programs
  • High school wellness programs
  • After-school programs for middle schoolers

Art Impact Project works closely with a multitude of agencies in which our art programming is integrated into and enhances our partners’ existing programs. Our flexibility and effective programming allow for us to reach a wide range of participants, allowing for greater opportunity of expression and emotional wellness. We collaborate with our site partners to curate programming that will benefit their clients and participants, middle school age and above.

If you are interested in bringing Art Impact Project to your community, please reach out to us here.